Empowering athletes with AI-enhanced performance feedback

Not just another tracker.

Designed especially for functional fitness, we use sensor technology to go beyond the simple workout tracker. By tracking movement and heart rate with a single device, we enable a new world of metrics and provide the highest-quality feedback to our athletes.

We measure what matters, you focus on moving.

More is not always better. We use a science-based approach to define key metrics and provide the most effective feedback. Automatic tracking means no extra clicks. You focus on moving, we take care of the rest.

...Bringing more purpose to your training

Not every training session will be a maximum effort. By tracking metrics such as consistency and intensity, we help you hit the goal of the session and improve on the long run.

...With feedback that matches your needs

Actionable feedback for athletes, coaches, and training programs. Whether you need a single score or a complete database of metrics - we meet you where your needs are.

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You focus on the workout

We believe athletes should not change their focus from the workout to the screen of their watch or phone. Our goal is to provide a smooth experience where athletes can focus on moving, coaches can focus on athletes, and our technology focusses on the rest.

We use sensor technology and machine learning to track your movements automatically, unlocking measurements such as pace, consistency, intensity, and efficiency. Our analytics help you interpret the key metrics and provides meaningful feedback and insights.

More purpose in your training, more joy in your journey, and no extra work for you. You just hit start, and we will show you where to improve.

Our first feature: The Pacer

Train smarter with the first automatic movement tracker for functional fitness. Measure your consistency, discover your "break-before-broken" pace, and find out which movement spiked your heart rate. No extra clicks. Feedback that helps you improve.

Wear the sensor

Our single chest sensor stays out of the way of your grips and measures motion and heart rate more accurately than alternatives

Choose the workout

Choose from a constantly increasing list of workouts. Our goal is to offer pacing feedback for any functional fitness workout you can think of.

Work hard

Forget about your phone or smartwatch and focus on moving

Measure, improve, excel

Get insights on your pacing strategy, round consistency, movement intensity and efficiency. Compete against yourself or your friends. Share awesome-looking charts and scores

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WOD Pacer - The Team

Mathilda Piirainen


Mariah Sabioni

CTO & CO-Founder

Juliana Tib├║rcio

AI/Data Analyst

Panagiota Papadopoulou

UX & Front-End Dev Lead

Mahyar Mehr

AI/ML Lead

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